3M Freeze Watch

  •   Monitor exposure to freezing temperatures.
  •   Self-adhesive backing for easy attachment
  •   Easily-interpreted visual results
  •   Freezewatch indicator
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General information

Monitor temperature exposure with 3m Freeze Watch indicators

3M Freeze Watch Indicators are ideal for the monitoring of products, such as vaccines, drugs and chemicals, which are at risk to be damaged by exposure to freezing temperatures during shipping and storage. The patented design of Freeze Watch indicators consists of a highly sensitive indicating liquid inside a specially designed ampule. When exposed to freezing temperatures, the ampule fractures, releasing a liquid. The liquid irreversibly stains a paper behind the ampule, indicating that product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures so product quality testing should be performed.


Quick specifications

Freeze Watch Indicators are available in two temperature levels: -4˚C (25˚F) and 0°C (32˚F) . The labels can be placed on the packaging of temperature sensitive products during shipment and storage. The indicators provide reliable proof of exposure to temperature. If stored at suggested conditions, shelf life for the 9800FW, -4˚C indicator and 9805FW, 0˚C is five years from date of manufacture.

Technische specificaties
Catalog Product Description Download
9800FW 3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicator 9800FW (nl) Activation temperature -4°C(25°F). PDF
9805FW 3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicator 9805FW (nl) Activation temperature 0°C(32°F). PDF