We understand that the continuity of your business process is a priority, so we offer 24 hour services in case of emergency.

Cold chain solutions

Technical Services

All of the products IntroTech offers are carefully selected and meet the highest quality standards.

Nevertheless, our products need some maintenance as well. In order to guarantee well-functioning and accurate equipment, IntroTech offers technical services of the highest degree.

  •   Calibration of equipment
  •   Validation of systems
  •   On-site services



Regulations develop continuously as our world keeps changing. We understand it is hard to keep up with regulations and best practices.

IntroTech’s consultants can assist you in finding a path most suitable for your situation. Due to many years of experience, Introtech can provide valuable advise, train your employees or even manage entire projects.

  •   Consultancy on best practices
  •   Project management
  •   Training

Technical Services


IntroTech uses a state-of-the-art calibration laboratory which consists of several conditioned areas especially equipped for the calibration of a specific physical quantity.

Our laboratory calibrates according to ISO10012 standard. Here we offer you a total package for the calibration of all your instruments according to current standards and guidelines, with services like:

  •   The establishment of procedures for the management of instruments
  •   Calibration, adjustment and (legal) calibration of your instruments
  1. 1

    Calibration Range: -75°C to 1300°C
    IntroTech calibrates with the aid of:

    • Computerized calibration baths for physical temperatures;
    • Reference thermometers with very high precision.
  2. 2
    Relative humidity

    Calibration Range: 0.5% to 95% RH
    Relative humidity calibrations are carried out using:

    • Humidity calibrators equipped with a reference tool;
    • Reference saline.
  3. 3
    Differential Pressure

    Calibration Range: -1 to +700 bar
    Differential pressure instruments are calibrated using:

    • Precision equipment consisting of pressure generators;
    • Pressure balances.
  4. 4

    Calibration Range: 0%; 5%; 10%; 20%.
    CO2 instruments are calibrated using reference gases.

On-site services

To provide the quickest calibration and reparation services, IntroTech offers on-site services.

With use of our mobile calibration and reparation laboratory, IntroTech can easily calibrate and repair your measurement equipment on-site. No need for complex logistical procedures, our experienced engineers will take care of everything.

technical repairation introtech

Professional repairs

Quick and professional repairs are essential to your business process.

IntroTech does not only supply instruments but also has the experience and technical know-how to repair, adjust and calibrate all supplied equipment.



Experienced consultants

At Introtech we aspire full customer satisfaction. Therefore, our well trained consultants are happy to answer all of your questions.

Throughout the years we have built a solid reputation as the cold chain specialist, so you can expect reliable and experience-based advice.

IntroTech Consultancy Training


All hard- and software provided by Introtech comes with a proper manual. The equipment is easy to use and therefore fit for use by any employee.

To help getting familiar with the equipment, IntroTech offers different training programs during which your staff will learn to operate the equipment.

Consultancy Project management

Project management

Different regulations necessitate your organization to monitor your cold chain. This can be a very time consuming process. 

IntroTech offers complete project management. We will make sure that your project is in full compliance with all applicable regulations.