Monitor shipments throughout the cold chain. 

Attach the indicator to the package and see if any excursions have taken place during transport to identify weak spots in your cold chain.

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Automatically collect and save environmental data.

Monitor shipments, storage areas or your entire cold chain. Set limits, receive alarms, view data in real time & download reports for analysis.

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Central Monitoring Systems

For 24/7 monitoring of storage and handling areas.

Collect and share environmental data, access calibration data, document corrective actions & generate audit reports.

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Calibration according to the ISO10012 standard.

Here we offer you a total package for the calibration of all your instruments according to current standards and guidelines.

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Temperature mapping

Idenify control points for permanent registration. 

Temperature mapping is a requirement in the context of GxP regulations for each space with a specific allocated conditions.

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At Introtech we aspire full customer satisfaction. 

Throughout the years we have built a solid reputation as the cold chain specialist, so you can expect reliable and experience-based advice.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Government regulations, increasing use of temperature sensitive biopharmaceuticals and a growing focus on “room temperature” medication require a secure cold chain.

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Chemical industry

Safeguarding chemical components of exposure to critical temperatures during handling, transport and storage, minimises risks such as loss of quality and product damage.

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Food industry

In order to protect consumers, governments force companies to comply with regulations such as HACCP. Securing the cold chain and meeting the requirements protects product performance.

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