Pharmaceutical Industry

Why is cold chain monitoring important?

The term “cold chain” refers to the act of products in the supply chain,
which are sensitive to temperature. A good grip on the cold chain is very important in the pharmaceutical industry, for example:

  •    Government regulations
  •   Increased usage of temperature sensitive biopharmaceuticals
  •   Growing focus on “room temperature” medication use.


IntroTech offers easy to use solutions to document deviations in temperature, humidity, shocks and location to enable your organization to proof regulatory compliance.


Monitor conditions with indicators

If a product is sensitive to exposure outside a certain temperature range, the cold chain should be monitored to ensure the product is safe.

IntroTech offers a range of indicators which make monitoring easy. Simply attach the label to the product. When a temperature excursion takes place the indicator will change colour.

Record environmental data with dataloggers

In the pharmaceutical industry a record of the temperature values of a product is often mandatory. This data can be recorded with a datalogger. We offer dataloggers which collect and store data automatically. 

USB PDF loggers generate output in PDF which can be accessed via USB, simply plug-and-play. Verigo dataloggers use bluetooth to connect with a mobile device. Once connected, conditions can be monitored in real time. The logger outputs data to a cloud-platform from which data analysis can be performed.