LogTag SRIC-4

  •   Temperature logger
  •   Range: -25°C tot +60°C
  •   Up to 2 years battery life
  •   Customizable alarms
  •   FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
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General information

SRIC-4 single-trip data logger for monitoring temperature

The LogTag SRIC-4 is a single-trip temperature data logger. The logger is specifically designed to monitor temperature sensitive products.

The SRIC-4 is used in both short and long distance transport applications.

The SRIC-4 comes with a 3968 log memory and a 6-month operating life in a robust yet inexpensive package.

‘Inspection Marks’ can be placed in recording to identify external events, such as loading or unloading goods.

Technical specifications
Model SRIC-4
Measurement Range -25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C(±0.9°F) or better for measurements from -5°C to +30°C (+23°F to +86°F)
±0.8°C(±1.5°F) or better for measurements in other areas of rated range.
Resolution  < 0.1°C
Sensor Reaction Time Typically less than 5 minutes(T90) in moving air (1m/s).
Sampling frequency Adjustable, 1~60 minutes or 1~18 hours
Capacity 3968 logs (i.e 13.75 days @ 5min logging, 41.25 days @ 15min logging and 82.5days @ 30 min logging.)
Logging Start Options Push button start or specific date & time.
Recording indication Flashing ‘OK’ indicator / flashing ‘ALERT’ indicator.
Download time Typically with full memory (3968 readings) in less than 4 secs depending on computer or readout device used.
Environmental IP65 (roughly equivalent to NEMA 4)
Power Source 3V LiMg battery
Battery Life Projected life of 6 months of operation from time of configuration.
Shelf life before configuration of up to 2 years (providing a typical operating life of 65 days).
Size 77mm(H)x54.5mm(W)x8.6mm(T)
Weight 28 g
Case Material Polycarbonate