3M MonitorMark

Time and Temperature Indicator

The 3M MonitorMark can be used for any temperature-sensitive product.

Indicators monitor exposure to temperature, not quality. The purpose of a Time Temperature Indicator is to show when the quality of a product should be inspected.

3M MonitorMark is generally used to monitor:

  •   Drugs or vaccines
  •   Kits for medical diagnosis
  •   Blood substances
  •   Ophthalmic solutions

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MonitorMark indicators show color when exposed to a threshold temperature.

Time Temperature indicators do not only signal when a threshold temperature has been exceeded. But also provides an easy-to-read indication on the amount of time a product has spent above the threshold. MonitorMarks feature a high contrast indicator that turns blue when exposed to rising temperatures. The indicators are irreversible, therefore providing a permanent record even after temperatures return to acceptable levels.

When monitoring exposure to freezing temperatures, we suggest using 3M FreezeWatch indicators.



The 3M MonitorMark Time Temperature Indicator is a rectangular flat laminate containing layers of paper, film, adhesive and other components.

The heart of the indicator is a porous strip. One end is positioned over a reservoir containing a blue chemical with a desired melting point. Before activation, a removable activation strip separates the indicator track from the reservoir. The paperboard layer over these parts has viewing windows. The strip is topped with a protective film. An adhesive on the bottom of the strip allows attachment to most clean, dry surfaces.

Size: 3-3/4″ X 3/4″ X 3/32″ thick (approx.)
(95 mm X 19 mm X 2 mm, approx.)

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  •    Economic solution to monitor exposure to temperature.
  •    Indicate both exposure & relative time of exposure.
  •   Guarantee quality & safety.
  •   Easy usage.