Descend temperature indicator

  •   Colors permanently when exceeding threshold
  •   Customization options possible
  •   Self-adhesive rear
  •   Available from + 15 ° C to -2 ° C
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General information
Descending Irreversible Indicators. The Descend temperature indicator provides a clear visual indication that products have been exposed to critical falling temperatures.

The Descend temperature indicator clearly shows when products have been exposed to cooler temperatures with an irreversible, color change from green to red. Descend temperature indicator alerts all key stakeholders throughout your supply chain if a product has been exposed to a cool or freezing temperature that may compromise quality or efficacy.


Highlights of the Descend indicator

  • Accurate, irreversible color change
  • Unique identification in the form of a QR code
  • Color transition in less than 1°C temperature range
  • Accuracy independently tested at ±2°C or tighter


Store your temperature data

When paired with the free App and Cloud Service, you will have your Descend temperature data at your fingertips 24/7. Stay connected to your temperature data throughout the supply chain to protect your products and the end user.


Ease of use

Descend temperature labels are easy to implement, use and maintain:

  • Efficient and effective monitoring
  • Designed for easy adherence to any product
  • Environmentally safe with no toxic chemicals

Our solutions include both color-changing and electronic options to cover the product, pallet and truck-level.

Rely on IntroTech to meet your unique temperature monitoring needs.

Technische specifications
Temperature capability range Within +15˚C to -2˚C
Commonly requested events +15˚C, +10˚C, +6˚C, +4˚C, +2˚C, 0˚C, -2˚C
Accuracy ± 2˚C (tighter accuracies available)
Shelf Life 4 years
Size 29 mm x 30 mm
(custom sizes available)
Format Self-adhesive labels
Indicator Display Unactivated (not triggered): green circle is clearly visible
Activated (triggered): red circle, or any red in display area
Optional display: white to black color change
Color Change Permanent
Environmental Non-hazardous, normal disposal
(no glass components)
Activation Self-activating
Storage Room temperature
descend temperature indicator dimensions
descend temperature indicator activation
descend temperature indicator application