K1 Electronic Temp. Indicator

  •   Accuracy better than 0.5 °C
  •   Customable alarm criteria
  •   Individually tested before leaving the factory
  •   Usable in any industry, any time, any place
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General information

K1 electronic temperature indicator

Allows you to conclude quickly and decisively whether your products have been transported/stored within the time and temperature limits. The K1 indicator can be used as frost indicator as well as temperature rising indicator.

Go/No-Go functionality: anytime within the logistic process the K1 tells you whether the conditions where ok or not by bright flashing green or red LED indication.


Customable alarm criteria

The K1 indicator gives you the flexibility to choose your own start delay, alarm threshold ascending and/or descending and cumulative alarm delay preprogrammed to your needs, in one device. This makes the K1 more versatile than any other indicator.

By example:

  • Start delay 20 minutes: press start button indicator will activate after 20 minutes
  • Descending alarm threshold + time= 0°C for 15 minutes cumulative:    total time below 0°C for 15 minutes or more generates red LED flashing.
  • Ascending alarm threshold + time= 25°C for 48 hours cumulative: total time above 0°C for 48 hours or more generates red LED flashing.


Key functionalities of the K1 electronic indicator

  1. Accuracy: Better than 0.5 °C;
  2. Flexibility: Customable alarm criteria;
  3. Reliable: Each individual K1 is tested before leaving the factory;
  4. Versatile: Usable in any industry, any time, any place;
  5. Economical: favorable price
Key functionalities

Key functionalities

Accuracy Better than 0.5 ° C;
Flexibility Alarm criteria adaptable to time and temperature;
Reliable Each K1 electronic temperature indicator is individually tested before leaving the factory;
Versatility Can be used in the following industries; food, chemical and pharmaceutical;
Economic favorably priced
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Product Code K1-1, K1-2
Alarm levels K1-1 one Temperature alarm, alarm K1-2 for two temperatures
Sensor Internal
temperature range -40 ˚C to +80 ˚C, -40 ˚F to +176 ˚F
Sensor reaction time T90 after 5 minutes
Sensor Location Internal
programming Option Preprogrammed on delivery
Start Option Start button
Stop Option Yes, stop button (switchable)
Dimensions 40x50x3 mm (in case)
Weight 6 gram
material case Plastic s
Durability 18 months, prior to activation
Operating > 12 months
IP Rating IP 67
Accuracy Better than 0.5 ˚C
Other Certificates ISO9001:2008, RoHS, CE